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Droid 2 WiFi DHCP Cannot Obtain IP Address Solution

A Solution to the Droid Phone WiFi Connectivity Problem

Phone will not obtain an IP address (DHCP) even though other devices work just fine on the same network.


  • Linksys Router Model WRT150N, version 1.0, Firmware v 1.01.9
  • Motorola DROID 2, Android OS version 2.2

I found that the primary reason the DROID 2 does not obtain a WiFi connection is related to the "Auto" settings for the "G" and "N" transmission rates under the Wireless -> Advanced Wireless Settings Tab. I wish I knew exactly why this solution works, but I don't. Below I'll list the non-default settings that solved the problem:

Under the Wireless -> Basic Wireless Settings Tab

  • Radio Band: Standard 20 MHz Channel
  • Standard Channel: 1 2.412GHz ( This actually can be any channel, the key is that it should be set to a clear channel if your WiFi space is crowded (more below) )

Under the Wireless -> Advanced Wireless Settings Tab

  • Basic Rate: 1-2 Mbps
  • Transmission Rate: 54 Mbps (This is apparently the "G" setting based on the max rate available)
  • N Transmission Rate: Auto (This is actually the default for this setting)

With these settings, the DROID connects at 65Mbps without any problems using DHCP. Alternatively, turning off the "N" protocol and leaving the Basic Rate and Transmission Rate settings on Auto also works, but the maximum data rate to any device will be 54Mbps with "N" turned off.

Using a static IP address to solve this problem, a common suggestion I've seen elsewhere, is not necessary.

More about the Standard Channel setting above
An additional problem some may experience is the WiFi space may be crowded. If there are many WiFi transmitters are operating in your area, choose a channel that is less crowded. To find out which channel to choose for the Standard Channel setting, download the WiFi Analyzer App to your phone. This App does not need a WiFi connection to work, and it will show you what channels are the least crowded.


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