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Projects, reference materials, and DIY guides.

  • Speaker Foam Surround Repair
    A guide for replacing damaged or rotten foam surrounds on your speakers.

  • Cooling Module Replacement Guide for the Toshiba Satellite Model 1005-S157 Notebook Computer (PDF)
    This is a step-by-step pictorial guide for replacing the cooling module in a model 1005-S157 Toshiba notebook computer. The guide describes a typical symptom that indicates cooling module failure, provides step-by-step instructions for disassembly of the computer, provides instructions for cooling module replacement, and finally provides notes to guide you during reassembly.
    Please note that notebook or laptop computers are not assembled in standard configurations as are desktop computers. Therefore, do not assume that these instructions are valid for other laptop computers - even other Toshiba models. These instructions were compiled during the repair of a model 1005-157S. Other Toshiba computers in the 1000 and 1005 model families may also be repaired using this guide, however, there may be some variations not noted in this document.

  • DROID 2 WiFi IP Address Connection SolutionHere is a solution to a common problem with connecting Droid Phones to Wireless WiFi Networks


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