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About Chip

Electrical Engineer

Engineering Mentor

Antique Radio Collector

  • Antique Radio Collector since 1981
  • Member of the CC-AWA Carolina's Chapter Antique Wireless Association
  • Member of the AWA Antique Wireless Association

Website Developer

  • In addition to this site I manage:
    • Masteryworks Inc. My Wife, Ellie's Business site. Ellie is a hypnotherapist. Look for articles on her site soon about hypnosis, NLP, becoming a non-smoker, pain management, conquering phobias and more.
  • I utilize Content Management Systems such as Drupal and Joomla! as part of my web development strategy.
  • I have experience with php, perl, and mysql as well.

Bass Guitar Player

  • I started playing Bass in 2002. For two years I noodled around learning on my own via tabs and playing by ear. Then in 2004 I decided to take my playing in a new direction. I wanted to learn more about music, its architecture, and how to craft my own lines over a set of changes that makes sense to the listener. I wanted to walk with understanding, if you get my meaning. So I decided to take on Jazz. I found an excellent Jazz bass instructor, Charles Gambetta, and I've been walkin' the line ever since.

Carniverous Plant Enthusiast

  • I raise carniverous plants such as Venus Flytraps and Pitcher Plants in a self-watering bog of my own design out on the back deck.
  • My Flytraps and I are both native to North Carolina - rare ;^)
  • I plan to post designs for the self-watering bog and much more.

Why Is this Site Here, Anyway?

  • I like to learn
  • I like to teach and contribute to others
  • My hope is that this site accomplishes these things.

That should give you a pretty good idea who is behind this site. My hope is that you will find something here useful. I'm only beginning to add content. Suggestions are welcome, and check back frequently for new stuff.


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