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bog garden

Carnivorous plants - the bog garden

These photos are of the garden in my original wooden, self-watering bog planter.

I have several varieties of pitcher plants as well as venus flytraps growing in my bog garden. The photos above were taken in late summer of 2008.

Description of the wooden planter system:

This planter is a wooden box lined with fiber-glass to make it water tight. There is a float valve in the box, the type used in animal water troughs, that keeps the water at the correct level automatically. There is also an overflow stand-pipe in the box that limits the water level due to rain. The round container for the plants is a plastic whiskey barrel liner. The water level is set such that the bottom of the liner is just below the water line, keeping the bog wet.

This wooden bog planter has been working well for 6 years or more, but it is showing its age and needs to be replaced. So, I've created a new, modular self-watering bog system.


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